Bretton Woods Project: G20 proposal continues to favour creditors

The Bretton Woods Project is a civil society network hosted by ActionAid. It envisions a global economic system that operates on the primary principles of justice, equity, gender equality, human rights and environmental sustainability, with international institutions that are democratic, inclusive, transparent, accountable, and responsive to citizens, especially the poorest and most vulnerable.

In a recent posting, it evaluates the G20 ‘Common Framework for Debt Treatments”. It starts with a quote from Gordon Brown’s speech at the launch of the report ‘Debt Relief for a Green and Inclusive Recovery‘: “despite the promises made by the G20, the IMF and the World Bank to stand behind them in their hour of greatest need,” the world’s poorest countries had “received only about a fraction of what they need in debt relief.”

Three main points summarise its critique:

  • G20 announces disappointing common framework for debt restructuring
  • Framework relies on much-critiqued IMF and World Bank debt sustainability analysis
  • Debtor countries must agree to IMF treatment as condition of debt relief

Read yourself further on the website of the Bretton Woods Project.


Gordon Brown’s Keynote at the Launch of the Report

Transcript of the video provided by Gordon Brown, United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, for the launch of the report “Debt relief for a Green and Inclusive Recovery”

This conference today is of utmost importance, and in the month that we have found that we have an American president committed to net carbon zero by 2050 and a Chinese president committed to net carbon zero by 2060, this meeting is of great global significance as we fashion the new building blocks to take us there.


Invitation: Launch of the Report ‘Debt Relief for Green and Inclusive Recovery’

On Monday, 16. November 2020, 2pm UTC, we launch our first report. It puts forth an ambitious proposal for concerted and comprehensive debt relief on a global scale to support sustainable recoveries, economic resilience, and a just transition to a low-carbon economy.