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Navigating Global Debt Challenges in 2024: Opportunities for Collaboration and Progress

February 2, 2024

Embarking into 2024, a year poised at the intersection of global elections, geopolitical shifts, and pivotal events, nations face critical choices that will shape their trajectories. Amidst the looming challenges of mounting global debt, climate change, and social equality, lie opportunities for collaboration and progress. Our new blog gives an insightful outlook on the key events that will define this year and influence the pursuit of debt relief and sustainable development on a global scale.

Mixed Results at COP28: Substantial Progress, Amidst Accumulating Challenges

December 19, 2023

COP28, eagerly awaited and hosted in Dubai, ocurred at an unprecedented scale, drawing nearly 100,000 participants, among them the highest number of fossil fuel lobbyists ever assembled at the climate talks. The primary focus of this year’s conference was the inaugural Global Stocktake (GST), a pivotal assessment of the 2015 Paris Agreement’s implementation and the collective strides towards its objectives.

DRGR Round-up – United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28)

December 1, 2023

As the 28th UN Climate Conference (COP28) kicks off this week in Dubai, the link between the escalating climate and debt crises  is abundantly clear. Last year, delegates at COP27 notably acknowledged the growing indebtedness of developing countries. Now, at COP28, countries face a pivotal moment to take decisive action to mitigate the debt-climate nexus.