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The Quiet before the Storm: Eurodad Report warns about Debt Crisis yet to come

According to the briefing “A debt pandemic: Dynamics and implications of the debt crisis of 2020”, public debt of developing countries has increased from an average of 40 to over 60 percent of GDP within the last ten years. More than one-third of the increase took place in 2020 alone. 


Gordon Brown’s Keynote at the Launch of the Report

Transcript of the video provided by Gordon Brown, United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, for the launch of the report “Debt relief for a Green and Inclusive Recovery”

This conference today is of utmost importance, and in the month that we have found that we have an American president committed to net carbon zero by 2050 and a Chinese president committed to net carbon zero by 2060, this meeting is of great global significance as we fashion the new building blocks to take us there.


Report “Debt Relief for a Green and Inclusive Recovery”

The DRGR report calls on the G20 calls on the G20 to move beyond the Common Framework for Debt Treatments and to require public and private creditors to provide a substantial debt cut to a broad set of low- and middle-income countries, in exchange for a commitment to a green and inclusive recovery.